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Victory Marine, led by founder Brunello Acampora, has been at the forefront of yacht design and marine engineering since 1989.

Renowned for the application of ‘Total Design’ methodology, it has successfully completed hundreds of yachts built to Victory Design specifications, pushing the boundaries of yacht and powerboat technology. Specialising in the construction of ultra-high performance sustainable boats of all types, from leisure craft to defence and racing yachts, sometimes with speeds more than 100 knots, Victory has worked closely with SeaBird Technologies as Official Naval Engineering Supplier and Official RaceBird Manufacturing Supplier to make Racebirds a reality and a milestone of sustainable high-speed racing at sea

“Victory Marine is thrilled to partner with E1 and SeaBird Technologies to engineer and manufacture the new electric powerboat for the E1 Series and deliver on the innovative conceptual design of the RaceBird. Our team is privileged to be involved in co-pioneering this new competition focused on revolutionising electric marine mobility. We see the E1 Series as truly innovative – an engineering challenge and the ultimate proving ground for cutting-edge electric powerboats.”